Sunday, January 10, 2016


This is a short trek into the jungle where you will attempt to see some wildlife. You will be able to see the beautiful flora of the jungle, but we recommend a longer trek if you really want to see animals.

Duration : 3 Hours
Morning ,09 o’clock after breakfast ,the trip will start through the primary jungle  entering  the Orang Utan territory ,the jungle will  welcome you by vary of interesting flora and fauna  ,during the trip your guide will explained you all about the most interesting of flora and fauna , Kinds Of Birds ,Greatest Argusianus  Pheasant ( Peacock ) ,Greater Hornbill ,Rhinocherous Horbil (Rangkok Gading ) ,Amphibian ( Monitor Lizard ,Turtle, Water Snake ),Reptilian ( Iguana ) the most interesting of insectivore ( kinds of beetle), Moths and Beautiful Butterfly ,Mammalian, the most famous icon of BUKIT LAWANG ,are  Ape (Orang Utan( Pongo Abelii ) Siamang- (Black Gibbon) ,Wau-Wau – (White Handed Gibbon)   and some kinds of monkey,Thomashy leaf monkey ,Long Tailed Macaque , Pig Tailed Macaque ,Dusky Leaf Monkey ) normally kinds of this primates are commonly seen and can be an interesting activities in the jungle to see and to learn of Orang Utan social behavior ,as the most genus of primate ,study Orang  Utan , its  possible to see the Orang Utan daily activities, like how the  Orang Utan communicate to each others , Orang Utan in resting , Orang utan build the nest ,food selection ,and  how the Orang Utan locomotion and probably  to hear the Orang Utan sounding ,the group will be follow the Orang Utan movement ,For some other reason why we go to the jungle ? , to see and study ,to feel and enjoy the jungle and how excite is The Natural Energy Power and Atmosphere from the Gunung Leuser National Park Of Bukit Lawang  jungle